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MT post-editing from Turkish to Greek
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mehmet sagir
mehmet sagir
Turkey, Istanbul
About me
2014 yılından itibaren serbest çevirmen olarak çalışmaktayım
MT post-editing
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2:47 AM
Ileana Stagkou
Ileana Stagkou
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, London
About me
I am a native Greek speaker with a BA in Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, a certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University, a certificate of Proficiency in Turkish from Ankara University and currently studying for DipTrans. I had been working for six years in an office with Turkish customers, where I had to translate commercial documents from Turkish to Greek and write e-mails in Turkish. I have been teaching Greek and Turkish for almost five years, working as a freelance translator from English and Turkish to Greek for almost three years and I have been working in an international company where my responsibilities included translating products from the food and drinks industry from Greek, German and Turkish into English. I am currently working for Mavens of London as a Freelance Editor. I am a multi-skilled, reliable and organised translator who has a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the role and most importantly the meaning of satisfied clients.
MT post-editing
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