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Audiovisual translation from Tamil to English
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Balasubramaniam SP
Balasubramaniam SP
India, Salem Tamil Nadu
About me
Providing Editing & Proof reading services – both bilingual & mono lingual (English & Tamil) Working for various translation and localization companies across the globe. Registered with various freelancing linguistic service providing websites and contributing to blogs and websites, well versed in academic, article writing. Blog writing & Technical writing.  Can translate up to 3000 words per day  Can handle sub-title translation up to 25 minute video per day  Can transcribe up to 25 minute video per day  Well versed with most of the CAT tools and can work on all platforms offline and online.  In the last five years, have handled more than 5 million words  In the last one year have handled more than 100 episodes of 42 minute video – subtitling.  In the last one year handled voice-overs for more than 25 YouTube videos
Audiovisual translation
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