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MT post-editing from Spanish to Slovak
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Michal Faber
Michal Faber
Slovakia, Bratislava
About me
I am a passionate translator who has more than 6 years of experience in translating into Slovak and Czech. Over the years, I have worked with many agencies and clients, thanks to which I have developed the ability to translate any document with any topic. I focus on professional communication, quality results and on-time delivery.
MT post-editing
100%Compliance with deadlines
Based on 34 reviews
570 kwords
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9:55 PM Online now
Kristina Gogova
Kristina Gogova
Slovakia, Poprad
About me
I have always been interested in languages. I'm fascinated by the power of information and its potential to communicate. The human race survived thanks to the capacity to interact and exchange important information about sources of energy, nature, current situation, danger, state of tribe etc. At the moment when the human being started to be capable to explain himself, he founded out this sophisticated manner of surviving and later development. That's the charm and force of mutual understanding. www.fressk.com
MT post-editing
per word
9:55 PM
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