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MT post-editing from Spanish to Lithuanian
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Marija Grineviciute
Marija Grineviciute
About me
I am a translator with 2 years hands-on experience in a corporate department mainly translating financial statements, and I also work as a freelancer specialising in general and IT fields.
MT post-editing
51 kwords
per word
3:10 PM
Donata Janickaite
Donata Janickaite
Lithuania, Vilnius
About me
I've been working as a scientist in the field of biological sciences since 2016 in three different languages: English, Spanish and Lithuanian. I am really good at translating any scientific or medical texts since these are often directly related to my professional career. I also have experience translating and proofreading different texts, from phone manuals to articles about cryptocurrencies.
MT post-editing
3 729words
per word
4:10 PM
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