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Copywriting from Spanish to German
Hire translators, editors, and post-editors via Smartcat’s industry-leading marketplace.
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Sven Perlberg
Sven Perlberg
Germany, Berlin
About me
Proudly providing you with additional services such as project management, content moderating services as well as translation, editing, typing, subtitling, transcription and proofreading services in English, German and Spanish.
100%Compliance with deadlines
Based on 24 reviews
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6:16 AM Last seen:19 hours ago
Jean Montag
Jean Montag
Germany, Berlin
About me
Passionate about languages and aviation. Working now full-time since 4+ years as a translator, localizing content from/for Latin America, the DACH region, and English-speaking markets. Background in digital marketing, familiar also with code translation, CMS platforms (LiveWords, WordPress and others), Amazon market place (AMZ) SEO translations (DE/UK/US/MX/ES), keyword research, e-commerce SEO, web auditing, CRO for websites. Counting with a full-fletched SEM-team of 8 people to tackle challenges for Facebook, Google Ads and other campaign channels with multi-lingual needs. Specialized translation areas: Marketing, Product Translations, E-Commerce, Finance, Contracts, Logistics, Crypto Currency, Blockchain Topics, Fashion Knowledgeable about presentation editing in PPT and Keynote (layouting, translation, localization), subtitling, uploading and integration of content. With a team of translators available upon request for: Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Portuguese (Brazil), French
98%Compliance with deadlines
Based on 17 reviews
per hour
5:16 AM Last seen:12 hours ago
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