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Audiovisual translation from Romanian to Spanish
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About me
Native Spanish and Romanian speaker, I have been working in a multicultural and multinational organisation for the last 10 years. I have been a freelancer in translations for the last 14 years. Translating in any combination of the following language: RO-ENG; ENG-RO; RO-SP; SP- RO; SP-ENG; ENG-SP; RU-ENG; RU- RO; RU- SP; SP-RU; ENG-RU; RO-RU.
Audiovisual translation
per hour
10:50 AM
Diana Toma
Diana Toma
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Keswick
About me
An extremely hard working, highly self motivated and driven individual with a passion for both the spoken and written word, demonstrating strong language abilities and ensuring delivery of all tasks within set time frames and to a high quality standard. Has extensive experience in the delivery of translation and interpretation jobs where first class language skills are applied. Works well autonomously and plays an instrumental role within a successful and productive team, working effectively when under pressure and thrives in a challenging working environment. Attentive to detail, displays exceptional organisation, time management, problem solving, planning and interpersonal skills, utilising superior communicative abilities to build, develop and maintain beneficial relationships at all levels.
Audiovisual translation
per hour
9:50 AM
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