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MT post-editing from Italian to Hungarian
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Andrea Kovacs
Andrea Kovacs
Italy, Treviso
About me
Dear Client, let me introduce myself. I am a proactive, flexible and keen freelancer, a native speaker Hungarian who has been living in Italy for 3 years. I speak fluently in English and Italian and I'm a graduate economist. I was studying at the University of Bocconi in Italian and English so I have a profound knowledge of economics, marketing and business. I have been translating documents, websites, applications, blogs, product descriptions, advertisements and many more for more than 11 years. For 4 years I was an economist teacher in Hungary then in 2017 I worked as a congressional interpreter for the Paduan Exhibition Centre called PadovaFiera. I am an experienced editor and journalist of a popular news outlet of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. If you need an accurate translation from English into Hungarian, Italian into Hungarian or English into Italian in a short period of time, please feel free to contact me.
MT post-editing
100%Compliance with deadlines
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Anna Suveges
Anna Suveges
MT post-editing
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