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Copywriting from Italian to German
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Amina Dana Manderschied
Amina Dana Manderschied
About me
I've been working as a translator, UX-writer and copywriter from English to German and Italian for mobile games since 2015. Due to my experience with in-game app translation, I have a good feeling for out of context string translation and am very good in problem-solving when the source text provides obstacles for my native languages. I'm very precise and accustomed to doing a language quality assurance assessment after a finished task to see the translations in their final place and guarantee best language quality for any given product. In addition to the translation skills I've acquired, I've also learned a fair bit of UX writing and copywriting over the years and have to apply myself in copywriting almost every day by now. My translation and copywriting experience is very broad within games. Not only have I been translating in-game strings and stories but I've also been creating social media posts tailored to specific events with great user reach results.
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loela xhafa
loela xhafa
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