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MT post-editing from Hindi to Arabic
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Shiva Nour
Shiva Nour
Iraq, Erbil
About me
Professional Multilingual Translator Speaking and writing both US and British English like the native speakers Experience of 14 years in translation, teaching, proofreading, and rewriting Speaking Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, and Kurdish like the native speakers I have a translation team that includes a Chinese language speaker and writer with experience of 8 years and a Turkish language speaker and writer with experience of 25 years at least Our translation is of high quality, we translate literally and accurately with the preserving of the original style of the writer without the interference of my translators' style We commit very strictly to the time deadline of the client We offer voice recording services too for all the languages mentioned above with one female and two male voice Services include Copy typing, Data Entry in all Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) The clients' desires and preference are a top priority Discounts for permanent clients
MT post-editing
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3:40 PM
Dalia El-Sayed
Dalia El-Sayed
MT post-editing
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