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Editing from Greek to French
Hire translators, editors, and post-editors via Smartcat’s industry-leading marketplace.
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Rafaela Panagou
Rafaela Panagou
Greece, Athens
About me
Linguist with vast background in Localisation, Translation, Proofreading, Interpreting and Subtitling.
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6:41 PM Last seen:5 days ago
Kassiani Karyoti
Kassiani Karyoti
Switzerland, Zurich
About me
Dear client, I am a FLE teacher (French as a foreign language) on my 30s, with studies in French linguistics, history and literature (Bachelor in 2014). I speak English for 20 years ("Lower" in 2003 - "CaMLA Proficiency" in 2015), my level in German is C1 and I'm learning Italian and Dutch. Languages are my passion, an important aspect of my life and a chance for me to understand better our human nature. Combining and studying them is my hobby and my way of creatively entering more and more in each country's mentality. I hope to meet your requirements and enter in a productive business proposition with you. Sincerely, Karyoti Kassiani
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5:41 PM
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