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Proofreading from Finnish to Swedish
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Martin von Pfaler
Martin von Pfaler
Sweden, Stockholm
About me
Communication is my expertise and business relations between Finnish and Swedish companies are my specialty. I am native in both Swedish and Finnish and I speak and write very good English. I also get by in German, Danish and Norwegian. I have experience from translating within several different content management systems, such as EpiServer, Joomla, Craft and Wordpress, as well as social media. Although my education is in life sciences, I have ample experience from translating and localizing computer programs and web applications. Localization services are important for companies aiming to be successful abroad. I specialize in localizing marketing content from Finnish companies in Sweden.
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9:13 AM
Christina Borg
Christina Borg
Sweden, Umeå
About me
I've translated websites, contracts and books in the past.
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9:13 AM
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