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Audiovisual translation from English to Dutch
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Dennis Meijer
Dennis Meijer
Netherlands, Leiden
About me
I've been doing some translation work since getting my bachelor degree at Leiden University in English, but I haven't done much since. However, I'm motivated and quite proficient in writing in both my native language Dutch and my favourite language English. I've started writing an epic fantasy novel in English last year, which I plan to translate into Dutch myself when it's finished. Besides that and the regular job I have, there's enough time for me to spend on translating texts in Dutch and English in a wide range of subjects for a reasonable and negotiable fee.
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Last seen:2 days ago
Annemarie van Campen
Annemarie van Campen
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, London
About me
As a professional translator, I help companies, entrepreneurs and independent contractors to be comprehended by a larger group of people. My goal is to increase their international reach, generate more impact and higher revenue. I hold the Cambridge Proficiency in English CPE Grade A certificate and have a background in Communication and Information sciences. In addition, I have a substantial career in IT and online communication, both as a senior advisor and project manager in often complex projects. The jargon, processes and ways of work in the tech-sector therefore are very familiar to me. At the moment, I am living in London. For me, this makes English the language of choice at home and on the street.
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