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Consecutive interpreting from English to Danish
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Rosanna Nordahl Hallgreen
Rosanna Nordahl Hallgreen
Denmark, Odense C
About me
NB: Due to increased demand I have to raise my per word rates from the 1st of May 2019 and decline all projects under a 100 words. I do both copywriting, translations and editing of everything from product descriptions, sales texts and material, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, articles and sponsored content, subtitles, academic papers and articles. As a copywriter and editor my focus is always equally on grammar and rhetorics, meaning you will always get high quality, spellchecked texts with focus on the best way of getting your point across to the right audiences and target groups. Danish is my mother tongue and with an MA in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing I have a uniquely tuned academic eye for Danish grammar, rhetoric, proverbs and sayings as well as knowledge and understanding of foreign languages and cultural references, as I understand and read both English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian literature.
Consecutive interpreting
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Drewsen Thomas
Drewsen Thomas
Consecutive interpreting
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