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Audiovisual translation from English to Albanian
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Dorina Ruci
Dorina Ruci
Canada, Saskatoon
About me
I am a freelance translator of Albanian language with IT background. I have already created over 10 years of translation and subtitling experience that have been used by brands such as Deluxe Media, Yamagata Europe, TransPerfect, Lingo 24, etc. I'm a driven person who works hard to attain my goals. The ability to overcome obstacles and follow things through to completion has always been a strong point of mine. My skills and my focus on getting a job done well and on time, have resulted in all projects being completed successfully and with very positive feedback from managers and clients. Below the links to my Proz account and Linkedin profile. https://www.proz.com/profile/1068622 https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorina-ruçi-8109623
Audiovisual translation
per hour
9:18 AM
Denis Haska
Denis Haska
Albania, Tirana
About me
I am an experienced and accomplished translator with solid knowledge in different areas of expertise. I have over ten years of experience in translating, editing and proofreading various terminologies. And a professional attitude plus ability to be flexible to suit the clients’ needs. Also, I do have the right enthusiasm to ensure that targets are met and everything gets done well, and on time.
Audiovisual translation
per hour
4:18 PM
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