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Proofreading from Bosnian to Turkish
Hire translators, editors, and post-editors via Smartcat’s industry-leading marketplace.
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Mustafa CAGLAR
Mustafa CAGLAR
Turkey, İstanbul
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Merve Erpak
Merve Erpak
Turkey, İzmir
About me
I am a motivated professional with communication proficiency and extensive Translator and Editor experience. As a person who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, I strive for positive results through the application of my editing and writing abilities. Additionally, I possess expertise in social media and an aptitude for optimizing performance and motivating colleagues. In any position, I am able to visualize success and identify innovative and effective strategies for achieving it. I have artfully balanced workplace objectives and productive relationships, inspiring strategies and insightful suggestions to achieve a competitive business edge. My planning and problem-solving strengths have enabled my professional growth. I have been out of the field for a time due to some unexpected issues. Everything has been taken care of and I am ready to get back into the workforce. I would be open to elaborate more if you have further questions!
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1:56 AM
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